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What films remind you of the 1970s?

Posted by tamelaquijas on March 15, 2012

Cover of "The Godfather (Widescreen Editi...Deny it all you want, but we’ve all seen a clip of this movie series at one time or another in our lives.  Mostly, I can admit, I’ve seen the films as I’ve flipped through TV channels.  Every time, I keep telling myself I’m not going to allow myself to become hooked, but it’s a losing battle.  I can’t win in a house where I’m surrounded by the male species, and the phrase “and you do not even think to call me godfather”, echoes from the mouths of the young and old alike.

Forty years ago, a young director took a chance on a best-selling book, making phrases like the one above an epic reflection of the film.  Watching it now, I can’t believe how classic the photography is, and how eloquently the author’s  (Mario Puzo) story was crafted for the viewing audience.  The movie is timeless and, when I look onto the faces of actors that have gone on to other works, I have to smile at the youth I see so eagerly displayed.  Marlon Brando, a young and bright-eyed Al Pacino, a handsome James Caan, the ever serious Robert Duvall,  and the innocent Diane Keaton graced the silver screen for our viewing pleasure, and every moment drew us deeper into the drama of the Corleone family.

On this day, in 1972, The Godfather opened at the theater.

On a side note, my favorite Film Critic Leonard Maltin since Siskel & Ebert has released a fantastic list of films that should be on any movie film buff’s list–how many have you seen?


The Godfather

Mean Streets

The Godfather, Part II

The Conversation

Blazing Saddles



Annie Hall

Star Wars

The Deer Hunter

Apocalypse Now


Find out more about Mr. Maltin’s list at: http://www.filmsite.org/maltin.html

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