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Bruce, far more terrifying than any zombie

Posted by Tamela Quijas - Romance Author on June 20, 2012

Cover of "Jaws (30th Anniversary Edition)...

Cover of Jaws (30th Anniversary Edition)

Today, our children are focused on thoughts of a zombie apocalypse.  I laugh at the idea of slow-moving, rotting limb creatures trudging down our roadways, intent on sucking the brain matter from our teens, and thoughts of Shawn of the Dead darts through my thoughts.  When I was their age, my nightmares were centered around more believable fears, living things that exist in our world and just beyond our reach.  Attacking when least expected, those fears were ones that we couldn’t escape…During the summer of 1975, I remember the sweltering heat, and the sunburn that freckled my shoulders for life.  I remember the year being one of the hottest of my teen life, and my friends and I longed for the cooling spray and lapping waves of the ocean, anything to escape the heat…

That was before Steven Spielberg decided to strike terror into millions of people, and we found the beach, the very ocean, a thing of nightmares.

Using the same skill, the same finesse of the famed Hitchcock in his fabulous film that made women afraid to travel to a seedy motel off the beaten track, Spielberg’s epic scene of the young woman bobbing not once, but three times, while a great white shreds her body beneath the water, terrified the world.  Every one of us sat in the theater with our knees pulled to our chin, eyes wide with terror, as rows of sinister teeth flashed across the screen.  Gasping, frightened out of our minds, we had nightmares for weeks.

All of our dreams involved on skillfully designed mechanical shark, Bruce as the film crew affectionately called him, and our outlook of escaping to the beach was changed forever.

On this day in 1975, Steven Spielberg catapulted to Hollywood fame with his imaginative tale of a great white shark that terrorized Amity, and Jaws became the creature of our nightmares…

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One Response to “Bruce, far more terrifying than any zombie”

  1. ruthhill74 said

    I did not see this movie until I was an old, married lady (in my late 20’s), and I was terrified even then! I don’t ever care to see it again. It was probably the scariest movie I have ever seen!

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