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True Friendships never ends.

Posted by tamelaquijas on November 12, 2009

absolutionMs. Marquette’s book, Absolution, was an interesting read and touched my heart , ranking 4 stars in my rating system. 

Revolving around the lives of four dedicated friends and the unspoken love that exists between them, the ensuing drama is believable and threatens everything they believe in.  The hurt feelings, mistrust and bitter words that are enchanged, as well as the pain wrenching sense of betrayal, is believable. The last few chapters of Absolution are heart wrenching but left me cheering for Beau and his true sense of forgiveness despite overwhelming odds.  He is portrayed as a true friend, despite all odds.
Ms. Marquette’s phrase, “Love never dies, never walks out on you and never regrets”, is beautifully well said and fits the situations that are explored in Absolution.

Ms. Marquette will be visiting my blogsite soon!

Absolution is availabe at http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0981847870/

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